Beginning the Artisan Journey

Artisan crafting isn’t something I envisioned doing. It’s something that I’ve definitely appreciated, with artisans like KeyKollectiv’s kosmonavt (which was a collaboration between Booper and KeyKollectiv) and KeyForge’s Shishi. It’s intimidating to say the least. The talent in sculpts from them and many other artisans is intimidating.

That’s why I never tried. How am I supposed to compete with that?

Then I saw some posts from other people starting out as artisans like /u/I_am_not_me_. He had the guts to start and post his progress, why shouldn’t I? Even if mine weren’t as good as his, at least I’d know because I tried. We all have to start somewhere. And then he pointed me to /u/jtm_sea that helped out with some of the technicals on artisan crafting.

So that was it. I had the inspiration and information to begin. So why not start with an idea… something I’d like on my own board, and see if it’s possible. I’m here typing with four of my first sculpt on my board. Then the next step is an interest check: does anyone else like them? Clicking the submit button for that first artisan sculpt is nerve-wracking. All that time spent making and designing, would the community rip it to shreds? Turns out everyone was very supportive, and I received quite a few very touching personal messages, so thank you to everyone.

So how do you give back to a community that was so open and receptive? A raffle, sure. But how else? What gaps could I fill? Then it dawned on me: information. Very little of this was accessible information. Have you ever used a pressure pot before? Created molds? Casted resin? If not: good. luck. So I’m looking to change that. There’s a Learning Center link above with some videos I made with walkthroughs as short but informative as I could make them. Over time I’ll add more, like a tips and tricks or maybe color matching video. This is all in hopes that there are other fence sitters like I was that actually take the plunge and start. Maybe it’ll work out and you could be the next Booper, KeyKollectiv, or KeyForge. And by that I mean not clones, but your own distinctive personality that still rests in the top tier of artisan crafters today.

For a parting thought, if you’re thinking about trying your hand at artisan crafting, know this: it is extremely difficult to bring your vision to life. There will be tons of unbelievably frustrating “I’m going to quit” moments. Instead of quitting, take a break. Because there is a balance of equally amazing breakthroughs. I still remember when I first got the proof of concept working for translucence in the Mach 1 visor. That was a 2 day high for me, I was in the clouds.

Persevere. I promise you it’s worth it. Thanks for reading.

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