Latest Additions to RascalCaps

People have been asking for a few things, and I’ve been listening. Namely, it’s been:

1. How to get updates?
This site/blog, Reddit, and maybe Instagram in the future.

2. What about included cards?
This was a great idea, and I’m now working on signed cards that will be mailed out to everyone that won the Mach 1 raffle.


This site is a way to start forming an artisan personality that hopefully resonates with some people. If nothing else, I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with several artists like Denny for the rascal mascot and friends for sculpt ideas. There are some never-tried-before techniques that hopefully will add a new dimension to the artisan community, and we can all have some fun along the way. I’m even kicking around the idea of making a hat and tshirt with that rascal mascot because I just love what Denny came up with. If there’s interest in them, I’ll include a couple as giveaways in the next raffle.

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